Get Started

How does it work?

Having debited the customer a merchant will integrate to this API to POST requests for service fulfilment to the Beep Server and receive/query the status of submitted requests.

Process Flow

Global API Flow

Payouts API Flow

We have one API endpoint for consuming Payouts APIs using functions.

API Functions

Post a payment-This API function is invoked by Merchants(e.g. banks, mobile money providers, aggregators etc) to post requests for airtime, mobile money and payments to the Beep Server.

Query a payment status-This function is used to query/fetch the final status of a transaction by a merchant to the Beep server.

Query float balance-This function is invoked by merchants to query float balance within the payment gateway.

Validate an account-This function allows a third-party service to validate whether an account is valid or not

Query a bill-This function is used to fetch Bill Information i.e. Due Date and amount for presentment to the customer before payment.

What are the APIs for?


  1. API credentials: Username & password. For sandbox use below credentials
  1. Service Code

List of services available for testing in various markets.