Getting Started

Get started with Tingg checkout and start collecting online

1. Get a sandbox account

Let's start by getting you access to a sandbox account.

Need an account? Fill out this form and our account managers will reach out to you to have your business activated on Tingg.


If you already have an account you can access it here: sandbox account

Configure servicesAfter successful registration, every business gets a default service
Configure payments optionsChannels from payment providers through which customers are able to pay
Get your API KeysAPI keys are what uniquely identify your services when integrating with the checkout platform

2. Select an integration method

A pre-built Tingg branded payment page with configurable payment options for each country that can be embed in your online store.

After your are done with the setup of express checkout you can use it in one of the two ways:

Payment APIs that are used to design a payment experience based on a merchant's business needs.


Dedicated Virtual Accounts are ONLY available in Nigeria