Single payment record

This endpoint is meant for transactions that are first initiated before they’re completed/authorised by the end customer. For example, Mobile Money transactions.

You can call this endpoint with the data.merchantTransactionID received from initiating a transaction as described in Merchant Initiated endpoint


    "statusCode": 200,
    "message": "Operation successful",
    "success": true,
    "data": {
        "transactionID": "1919772758",
        "payerTransactionID": "RKK9UGBUM5",
        "currencyCode": "KES",
     		"statusDescription": "Payment Accepted",
        "requestOriginName": "Tingg Instore USSD",
        "amountPaid": 1.0,
        "paymentStatus": 140,
        "payerNarration": "The service request is processed successfully.",
        "paymentDate": "2023-11-20T10:06:41",
        "receiverClientCode": "INSTOREDEMOKE",
        "storeCode": "542",
        "counterCode": "12150",
        "msisdn": "254705568254",
        "merchantTransactionID": "4551274",
        "requestOriginCode": "TINGG_INSTORE_USSD"

Response Param

data.transactionIDStringThis is the transactionID of the transaction
data.payerTransactionIDStringThis is the transactionID of the transaction
data.currencyCodeStringThis is the currencyCode of the transaction
data.statusDescriptionStringThis is the statusDescription of the transaction
data.requestOriginNameStringThis is the requestOriginName of the transaction
data.amountPaidDoubleThis is the amount paid for the transaction
data.paymentStatusIntegerThis is the paymentStatus of the transaction
data.payerNarrationStringThis is the requestOriginName of the transaction
data.paymentDateStringThe payment date connected with the transaction. E.g. 2023-11-20T10:06:41
data.storeCodeStringThis is the identifier of the Store connected to this transaction
data.counterCodeStringThis is the identifier of the Counter connected to this transaction
data.msisdnStringThis is the mobile number that performed the transaction for Mobile Money payment methods
data.merchantTransactionIDStringThis is the same ID returned from initiating a Mobile Money transaction described in section 3.4
data.requestOriginCodeStringThis data point indicates the origin of the transaction. Common values are TINGG_INSTORE_USSD, TINGG_INSTORE_INTEGRATIONS
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