Query float balance

The BEEP.queryFloatBalance API function is invoked by Clients to query the float balance for a particular service within the payment gateway.


countryCodestringCountry ISO code letter, i.e., KE,GH,TZyes
payload.credentials.usernamestringThe user name you created on sign-inyes
payload.credentials.passwordstringThe Password you created on signinyes
payload.packet.serviceCodestringThis is the product code used in identifying the service the customer is consuming e.g. TIGOAIRTIMEyes
payload.packet.narrationstringText to be appended to the requestno
    "countryCode": "ZM",
    "payload": {
        "credentials": {
          "username": "testuser",
            "password": "testpass" 
        "packet": [
                "serviceCode": "TIGOAIRTIME",
                "narration": "TIGOAIRTIME query"


Once the request has been received by the Beep Payment gateway, the BEEP.queryFloatBalance function will return a multidimensional array consisting of two parts, an authStatus, and a results section. The parameters returned are shown in the table below.

statusCodeStringThe status of this transaction within the Beep systemYes
messageStringA narration/ description for the status code above.Yes
successBooleanSuccess or failed statusYes
dataobjectFloat balance objectYes
data.statusDescriptionStringA narration/ description for the status code aboveYes
data.balanceDoubleFloat balance available.Yes
data.floatAccountNameStringThe name of the service float accountYes
data.currencyCodestringThe ISO code for the transaction currency.Yes
    "statusCode": 418,
    "success": true,
    "message": "Processing was successful",
    "data": {
        "floatAccountName": "Payouts Demo CFA",
        "balance": 45346.8,
        "currencyID": 70,
        "currencyCode": "KES"
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