Query request status

The query status is used by the merchant if they want to query for the status of the request they raised. In this case this is a GET request where the merchant passes service_code and merchant_transaction_id as part of the query parameters


Live Endpoint


KeyValue TypeRequiredDescription
service_codeStringYesThe merchant's service code.
merchant_transaction_idStringYesUnique transaction ID identifying the transaction as given by the merchant.

Request Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
129Request has expired with no partial payment received.
130New request raised by the merchant.
176Partial payment made for the request and has been marked as closed. Available for merchants who accept partial payments for their request
178Full payment made for the request.
179Request has expired with one or more partial payments made. The partial payment(s) will be reversed.
180Request Fully paid for but acknowledged as rejected by the merchant.
183Request fully paid for but acknowledged as accepted by the merchant.
99A failed payment has been received for this request. Request is still open to receive payments
188The payment was received by the merchant. An accept/reject call will be initiated later by merchant.
184This is indicates that a refund of part of the request amount has been initiated.
185This is indicates that full refund the request amount has been initiated.
186This is indicates that the part refund for the request was successfully processed.
187This is indicates that the full refund for the request was successfully processed.

Response Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
200Success. Checkout request successfully logged in the checkout platform.
500Failure. Generic failure occurred. Could be as a result of a system failure on the checkout platform.
1001No request found.
1007Missing country code. The checkout request posted was missing a country_code
1013Not JSON. The checkout request posted was not valid JSON
1014Missing merchant transaction id. The request did not have a merchant_transaction_id
1015Missing checkout request id.The request did not have a checkout_request_id
1017Invalid charge msisdn provided. The charge_msisdn provided was not valid in the country provided
1027Invalid amount provided. The charge_amount should be between the minimum and maximum amounts provided for the payment option.
173Request initiated successfully
422Invalid request
191Refund expired
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