Query forex exchange rate

This function allows merchants to fetch the current forex exchange rate for any supported currency pair in real time

This function allows a merchant to refund payments that were already acknowledged as received and processed successfully


Live Endpoint


KeyValue TypeRequiredDescription
service_codeStringYesThe merchant's service code.
base_currency_codeStringNo3 letter currency code indicating the base currency for the exchange rate
exchange_currency_codeStringYes3 letter currency code indicating the exchange currency for the exchange rate

Response Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
200Success. Checkout request successfully logged in the checkout platform.
508Conversion rate found.
174Unsuccessful request.
173Request initiated successfully
422Invalid request
191Refund expired
400Bad Request Request is not well-formed or syntactically incorrect i.e misspelling a field name.
400Threat detected the request payload contains malicious phrases and flags.
404Resource not found The specified URL / endpoint being called does not exist.
405Method Not Allowed The HTTP Method being used is not implemented for this endpoint.
429Quota limit Exceeded Too many requests have been sent in a given time period.
429Spike Arrest Violation Too many requests violating the rate limiting protection.
503Service Unavailable Something went wrong on checkout's therefore the server could not process your request.
504Gateway Timeout. The request took too long to get a response from the server.
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