Query a bill

This fucntion fetches Bill Information, i.e., the Due Date and amount for presentment to the customer before payment.

On the use case you will also learn how to use this functionality to fetch the data plans for the data service


countryCodestringCountry ISO code letter, i.e., KE,GH,TZyes
payload.credentials.usernamestringThe user name you created on sign-inyes
payload.credentials.passwordstringThe Password you created on sign-inyes
payload.packet.serviceCodestringThis is the product code used in identifying the service the customer is consuming, e.g., TIGOAIRTIMEyes
payload.packet.MSISDNstringThe mobile number of the customer making the payment. The MSISDN should begin with a country code, e.g., 2547xxxxxxxxyes
payload.packet.accountNumberstringAccount number payment is being made. If it’s a mobile number, it should begin with a country code, e.g., 2547xxxxxxxxyes
payload.packet.payerTransactionIDstringThe unique transactionID generated by the bank for this transaction.yes
payload.packet.extraDataobjectAny extra parameter or information you need to pass in a key-value JSON formatno
    "countryCode": "TZ",
    "payload": {
        "credentials": {
             "username": "testUser",
            "password": "testpass" 
        "packet": [
                "serviceCode": "TZ-VODA-REMITTANCE",
                "MSISDN": "256777777777",
                "accountNumber": "2022227",
                "payerTransactionID": "4891ab88-4cdf-46ab-9a00-42f55d543523",
                "extraData": ""


	"accountNumber": "2022252707",
	"serviceID": 5,
	"serviceCode": "DSTVGH",
	"dueDate": "2019-04-29 00:00:00",
	"dueAmount": 25.83,
	"currency": "GHS",
	"customerName": "JOHN DOE",
	"responseExtraData": "",
	"statusCode": 308,
	"statusDescription": "Bill information is available"
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