Activate/Deactivate Static Account

This function is used by the merchant to be able to activate( to allow a deactivated account to start collecting again) or deactivate a virtual accounts (to prevent a customer initiating a payment.



AuthorizationBearer <Bearer_Token> Generated during the authenticate requestYes
apikeyapp consumer keyYes


Parameter NameTypeDescriptionRequired
statusstringStatus to indicate the next action to take for the virtual account i.e activate or deactivate.Yes
accountNumberstringThis is the virtual account given for the customer to the merchant.Yes

Request Body

  "status": 200,
  "accountnumber": "8331000011"


Parameter NameTypeDescription
statusJSONObjectContains status code and description.
status_codeintegerThe response status code.
status_descriptionstringExact description of the status.

Response Body

  "status": {
    "status_code": 200,
    "status_description": "SUCCESSFUL"
  "results": null

Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
200Success. Checkout request successfully logged in the checkout platform.
500Failure. Generic failure occurred. Could be as a result of a system failure on the checkout platform.
503Server could not process your request. Try later.
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