Generate Static Account

This function is used by the merchant to be able to generate a static account that their customer can pay into.



AuthorizationBearer <Bearer_Token> Generated during the authenticate requestYes
apikeyapp consumer keyYes


Parameter NameTypeDescriptionRequired
merchant_referencestringThis is a uniqueID on merchant’s end for every request to generate a static accountYes
service_codestringThe customer’s unique code to identify the merchant on checkout.Yes
amountdoubleAmount to be paid to the virtual account however it does not prevent the customer from changing the amounts they pay into the account.Yes
providerstringThis is to indicate which bank to process the payment via e.g WEMA– for wema bank, STERLING – for sterling bank and ZENITH – for Zenith bankYes
account_namestringAccount name for the customer on the merchant system.Yes

Request Body

  "merchant_reference": "abc123699",
  "service_code": "SHRADDHASTUDIOONLINE",
  "amount": 0,
  "provider": "WEMA",
  "account_name": "HORLAIDAYPAY",
  "msisdn": "254786835764"


Parameter NameTypeDescription
statusJSONObjectContains status code and description
status_codeIntegerThe response status code
status_descriptionstringExact description of the status
resultsJSONObjectThis is an array containing details of the results of the request being processed
virtual_accountstringStatic account the customer can pay into

Response Body

    "status": {
        "status_code": 200,
        "status_description": "SUCCESSFUL"
    "results": {
        "virtual_account": "000000000"

Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
200Success. Checkout request successfully logged in the checkout platform.
500Failure. Generic failure occurred. Could be as a result of a system failure on the checkout platform.
503Server could not process your request. Try later.
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