Query payment status

This method is used to query/fetch the final status of a transaction by a merchant to the Beep server.

The payment-originating merchant will implement this API function as a web service with the following parameters.

A sample query request to CPG is also provided

NB: It's optional to query for payment status using either beepTransactionID or payerTransactionID in NG (Nigeria), GH (Ghana) & ZM (Zambia).


countryCodestringCountry ISO code letter, i.e., KE,GH,TZyes
payload.credentials.usernamestringThe user name you created on sign-inyes
payload.credentials.passwordstringThe Password you created on sign-inyes
payload.packet.beepTransactionIDstringThe unique reference ID generated by the Beep Server for this transaction.no
payload.packet.payerTransactionIDstringThe unique transactionID generated by the bank for this transaction.yes
    "countryCode": "NG",
    "payload": {
        "credentials": {
             "username": "testuser",
            "password": "testpass" 
        "packet": [
                "payerTransactionID": "9b3e6093-5f2e-4aa8-8c8d-a9ced56b6097",
                "beepTransactionID": "387566457040408576"


	"authStatus": {
		"authStatusCode": 131,
		"authStatusDescription": "Authentication was successful"
	"results": [{
		"statusCode": 178,
		"statusDescription": "The transaction is pending acknowledgement from the client",
		"payerTransactionID": "yourUniqueID",
		"beepTransactionID": "ourUniqueID",
		"MSISDN": "25470000000",
		"payerClientCode": "SANDBOX",
		"receiptNumber": "[\"\"]",
		"receiverNarration": "[\"\"]",
		"totalRecordsPendingQuery": 0,
		"totalRecordsPendingAck": 0,
		"paymentExtraData": "{}"

Transaction status codes returned from the BEEP.pushPaymentStatus.

148Transaction delivered i.e. posted to 3rd party for processing
178Pending transaction on queryPaymentStatus
183Payment accepted i.e. Success
180Payment Rejected i.e. Failed
217Payment manually Accepted
216Payment manually Rejected
219Payment escalated
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