Initiate charge request

This function is used by merchants to post a charge request i.e. request to debit amount from customer for the checkout request that was posted earlier in the request/initiate function.


Live Endpoint

KeyValue TypeRequiredDescription
charge_msisdnStringYesMobile number used to raise the request
charge_amountDoubleYesPayment the customer wished to pay.
country_codeStringYesISO Country code you wish to charge the request in
currency_codeStringYesISO Country code to initiate the payment in
merchant_transaction_idStringYesInitial checkout request transaction id raised by merchant
service_codeStringYesThe service code assigned to the merchant on the tingg portal
payment_option_codeStringYesThe actual payer client code the merchant initiates the request for.
  "charge_msisdn": 254700000000,
  "charge_amount": 100,
  "country_code": "KEN",
  "currency_code": "KES",
  "merchant_transaction_id": "TinggTest01",
  "service_code": "TINGGTEST",
  "payment_mode_code": "STK_PUSH",
  "payment_option_code": "SAFKE"

Response Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
200Success. Checkout request successfully logged in the checkout platform.
500Failure. Generic failure occurred. Could be as a result of a system failure on the checkout platform.
1001No request found.
1007Missing country code. The checkout request posted was missing a country_code
1013Not JSON. The checkout request posted was not valid JSON
1014Missing merchant transaction id. The request did not have a merchant_transaction_id
1015Missing checkout request id.The request did not have a checkout_request_id
1017Invalid charge msisdn provided. The charge_msisdn provided was not valid in the country provided
1027Invalid amount provided. The charge_amount should be between the minimum and maximum amounts provided for the payment option.
173Request initiated successfully
422Invalid request
191Refund Expired
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