Payment Methods

Instore Payment Methods

Tingg platform supports a plethora of mobile money operators (MoMo) and wallets. It is very
important as a client of our API to know which MoMo is configured for your account. Each MoMo is
referred to as a Payer client on Tingg and they each have an assigned code for initiating a payment.
Not using the right payer client code will lead to failed payments as customers will not get the
authorization prompt from their respective MNO.


countryCodevarcharYesThis is the merchant’s 3 character country code e.g. KEN for Kenya
varcharvarcharYesThis is the counterCode provided when initiating the transaction. It identifies a counter or Till in the Store


data.*.customer.customerIDvarcharThis is the internal ID assigned to this payer client
data.*.customer.customerNamevarcharThe full name of the payer client
data.*.customer.customerLogovarcharThe URL for the customer’s logo
data.*.customer.screenNamevarcharName suitable for showing the end-customer
data.*.customer.customerCodevarcharThe payer client’s code. This data is to be used
when initiating a Payment. Please pay attention to
this one as it is required as an input when initiating
a customer’s debit
data.*.currency.*objectThis object holds the currency information of the payer client
data.*.countryDTO.*objectInformation about the payer client’s country


Note: Other response data points not described in the aforementioned table but returned as part of the API response are for Tingg’s internal processes and can be safely ignored unless otherwise stated.

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