Counter Details

This endpoint will provide information about the merchant, store, counter or till the customer wants
to pay into. The information returned from the API should be displayed to the customer to help them
confirm they’re paying for the right service.


NOTE: This API in particular is not available yet for testing. Please confirm with the Instore team before attempting to test it

Path Params

counterCodevarcharYesThis is the unique identifier for the Terminal or Counter the customer wants to make payments into

Request Headers

X-Country-CodevarcharYesThis is the merchant’s 3 character country code e.g. KEN for Kenya

Response Body

data.storeNamevarcharThis is the name of the store the counter code belongs to as configured on Tingg web portal during creation
data.storeCodeLongThe unique Tingg identifier for the Store where the Counter belongs
data.counterNamevarcharThe name of the Counter as configured on Tingg web portal during creation
data.counterCodevarcharThe unique identifier for the counter. Same as provided in the URL path parameter
data.countryCodevarcharThe country where the counter is located e.g. KEN
data.customerIdLongThe unique Tingg identifier for the merchant that owns the counter
data.addressStringThe physical address associated with the Counter as configured on Tingg web portal
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